Plot Twist

Well, today was definitely a plot twist, but I hope that it all turned out for the best.

Our landlord is apparently in the middle of an ugly divorce. I have never really heard of a pretty divorce, but from what his mother says, this one is particularly brutal, after 19 years of marriage. Because of the divorce, he and his daughter moved back in with his mother, whose house is connected to ours. The three of them collected in her small house isn’t working and so they want to open up the wall they sealed off to make this apartment, which ultimately means that we won’t have a place to live.

His mother came over to our house this morning and told us that we needed to find a new place as soon as possible. It sounds harsh, but from what Nikola says (he talked with her while I was sleeping) she was actually rather nice about it. I mean, as nice as you can be when telling a family they have to find somewhere new to live. She even told us that her other son was willing to rent his section of their house, and the widow down the street was giving part of her house for rent.

We decided to look at the younger brother’s house, which is more than twice the rent that we are paying now. It is furnished quite tastefully (except for the antlers in the main hall). That should be a good thing, but in reality we wanted a place that we could furnish ourselves. We have spent the past 6 months collecting furniture in this place, making it our own. In fact, this week a bedroom set and table are supposed to be delivered. So now we are going to have to squeeze our furniture in with their furniture, which is not ideal.

We met the new brother and his wife tonight. They are young. Vibrant. Energetic. It was hard for me to believe that they have a six year old son, but apparently they do. Overall they were nice. The man made one joke about me preferring the bed in their room that I pretended not to understand. I wish people would quit trying to explain dirty jokes to me when I pretend not to understand them.

We decided that we would move in next weekend. Settled. It wasn’t as difficult as we thought it would be, and they are rather relaxed about when we pay the deposit, so that is a good thing.

Another gray/silver lining: they may want the house back next summer, so we may have a good reason to actively look into moving to Gabrovo.

Despite how easy things were, I found myself tearing up as I sat in our living room. We have worked hard to turn this into our warm place that feels like ours. I love the furniture we have acquired, and it definitely takes a bit of time to build up that much energy in a home. Now, bits of furniture are being sent here and there and all of the hard work buying just the right stuff for the past year is for nothing.

Nikola is really good at saying, “plot twist!” and moving on. Me, I need to wallow for a while. If I was my 24 year old self, I would go get drunk right about now. As it is, I’ll just wallow for a few days and try to make it through. 

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