Who Am I?

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If you are related to me by blood, you probably know me as Lorraine. If you knew me before I turned 21, then you might have known me as Rainie, Rain or Jinx. Later, my best friend gave me the name Kojishi, half of which has stuck, meaning if you have met me recently, you probably met a grown woman named Koji.

The name is not important. It never has been. It has been nothing more than a placeholder for my concept of self. The social roles I fill and the values I hold are more important than the title. At the moment, those roles consist mostly of mother and wife. However, they also include:

  • Social Archivist.
  • Passionate believer in Experience.
  • Philosopher.
  • Friend, lover, explorer of souls.
  • Writer.
  • Business woman.
  • Dancer and object manipulator.

There were more in the past, and there will be more in the future. But what is really important are the juicy glimpses of now and the concepts that I can share that become integrated into your own worldview.

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