Dread Update– About a month

See my dreads? Well, neither do I. I am pretty certain that my hair will not actually start knotting naturally until it is about should length, at least. My hair grows so slowly that this means the whole summer I will be dreadless, and all of that wonderful time spent in the sea will be a moot point. However, I really like how my scalp and hair feels with this baking soda and sea salt/vinegar routine. So, I will probably keep that going.

I am realizing that I am making a lot of changes this semester. I think it is a nesting thing, for sure. I am getting in touch with my inner hippie and my body. I am also getting in touch with an inner anarchist that I never even realized was there. Overall I like the person that I am getting to know. And look at her, doesn’t she look rather happy?

More natural. More local. More honest. More social.


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