Where Do I Restart… Again?

Today my husband reminded me I have this poor, neglected blog hanging out. I thought he was asking me if I was ready to delete it. But no. He wondered if I would revive it. After all — it’s a good record of my life in Bulgaria. With some interesting moments to share.

At first, I was hesitant. I haven’t been keeping up my professional blog (because I am terrible at regularity), and I haven’t had a lot of time to write at all. Let alone dive into personal blogging. Also, when I stopped this blog, I somehow felt my transitional period in Bulgaria was over.

Of course that will never finish. Even after I get citizenship, I will still be changing and adapting. But it goes along with a feeling the Bulgarian people have: that they have never left their transitional period. I was the same. I never transitioned, but I had sunk into my transitional period as the new normal for me. Isn’t that what life is? A constant overlay of growth and changes.

I then warned him that if I picked this up, I’d probably write a lot about alternative living and polyamory in Bulgaria. That’s something on my mind for the past year. It also happens to be an intriguing topic and an interesting way to look at this culture and myself with new eyes. I’m not really sure how he felt about that, so I might not be as open as I would hope to be.

But there are other things going on in my life, too. I want to keep my professional blog about writing and reading, but here I am free to look at writing in a more personal way. Parenting, too.

So I guess my answer is yes. I’m reviving this blog. Sharing my personal experiences as an American emigrant to Bulgaria. I don’t know how often I’ll update, or what directions this might take. But I am happy to have a personal blog again. A place where I can consider and share.

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