Peeking Out of the Cocoon

I have been wrapped up in the new-mama cocoon for the past few weeks, but I am slowly beginning to stretch out and interact with the world again. Jojo is five and a half weeks old. If I lived in the U.S. I would most likely be thinking about going back to work right now, if I had maternity leave at all. Here I am steeped in my maternity leave. It both feels like it is going by too fast, running like sand through open fingers, and like it is absurdly long.

Despite being on maternity leave, I am still working on some side projects. I am still writing articles about responsible and medical psychedelic use and I am cultivating a few leads for online curriculum design for breastfeeding and newborn care. It is nice to have the time and space to cultivate clients and projects that I am actually passionate about. I know that is not what maternity leave is intended for, but I feel like it just gives me room to breathe and reassess my career… to possibly change lanes at the end of a year or two of leave.

I am a little stalled on my personal writing projects. The sleep deprivation of motherhood takes creativity right out the window. But I am hoping to get a jump on some of those in the next few weeks.

The weather has been beautiful lately and the snow has almost completely melted here. I have been taking Jojo out on daily walks and trying to get the apartment back in working order after Peatuk’s birthday bash. The sunshine definitely helps my energy and my attitude. Especially because Jojo is going through her first round of growth spurts and has decided that sleeping at night is no longer necessary. (Oh, please do not be another difficult sleeper, baby love!).

Other than that, I have been binge-watching Gilmore Girls and trying to find some motivation for productivity when my hormones and body say, “meh, lay in bed with your little one asleep on your chest…”

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