What Is Your Family?

When we were in Istanbul a couple of weekends ago, my friend’s daughter innocently asked me what our family was. My friend explained that their family was the unicorn family and there was also the monster family and the bunny family (among others that I cannot remember at the moment).

Faced with the immediate question of what our family was, I replied that we were the Scorpion Family. It made sense with mine and Nikola’s tattoos (although our little friend asked where Peatuk’s tattoo was), which has been turned into a sort of family crest that adorns our abode.

However, the answer didn’t feel quite right.

Scorpions seem to be such hard little animals. So dangerous. Brittle. It doesn’t sound like our cuddly little love-family. Stingy. I don’t actually LIKE scorpions. Really.

Well, scorpions are nocturnal, as we tend to be (although we are currently getting Peatuk into a lovely rhythm of going to sleep at 9 o’clock). They also carry their little babies on their back, which we did. But I fear the similarity ends there. So I kept thinking.

The tattoos we got have very little to do with scorpions or even Scorpio. They are about the star, Antares. The dual stars, actually. They are about that magnetic pull that two beings feel. They are about being in perfect balance when we are together. They are about a burning, passionate heart. They are about love. And our family is about all of those things, which is why that symbol works so well for us. So, what is our family? The Antarens? Little space-floaties that came to earth in a kiss?

I honestly have no idea. But Antarens sounds a little better than the Scorpion Family. Antarans? Antaresians? Yeah, I think I like that one. I guess the next time I jump into make-believe, that will be my response.

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