More House Yearnings

The more I think about it, the more I realize that it was a good thing our house fell through. Immediately after the house in the village fell through we found a house in the perfect location in the city- an area we had been watching for the past year. It made me realize that I really do not want to live in the village with the hours that Nikola keeps. I would get too lonely and I am already concerned about him driving the two miles to our house at midnight after not sleeping for two days. How would I feel if he was driving 15 minutes to a village?

Then, the city house fell through. It couldn’t get approved fora loan due to its age and construction type. Which, with how not-handy the two of us are these days, might be a good thing. Because how devastating would it be to purchase a home that crumbles two years later?

Anyway. That is that, as far as houses go. I have no more energy to keep trying. Emotional or physical. We will stay in our apartment for the next 10 months and save up money so we are in a better bargaining position next summer, and we will look for a more ideal home then.

Honestly, no longer having the stress of saving right now has been a relief. I can put money towards my residence permit and driving lessons. For the new baby etc.

I have taken steps to make the apartment more livable and, I remind myself, I will technically be on maternity leave for a year, so I should be able to actually keep up with housework and whatnot. Meaning the apartment wont be so bad.

The one thing I still hate here (and may always) is the laundry. A single line outside is never enough so I almost constantly have a rack set up in our living room and it gets tiresome. Well, that and the loud neighbors. It isn’t often but with a baby, once is too often.

Other than that. Yay for another year of apartment living.

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