Transitioning the Blog

My husband is a web developer who specializes in WordPress customization. I work for his company. Granted, my position is business management and human resources, but it is still probably a good idea for me to get familiar with WordPress.

Despite these facts, I have kept my personal blog on blogger for the past few years. I used blogger because it was simple and integrated beautifully with my Google photo storage. I believed that the most important aspect of blogging was the writing (and photos), so I never felt the need to explore the extra options available through WordPress.

However, after spending last weekend in Seville at WordCamp Europe, I decided it was finally time to migrate my blog over to WordPress. In many ways, I feel like I am “growing up,” with my blog, and I know this will be good experience for my professional writing. At the same time, I feel like I am turning my back on the simplicity of my blog that has gotten me through years of disjointed self-exploration.

That being said, here’s what’s new:

  • New domain name:
  • New theme.
  • I believe there are buttons for you to share my posts, if you feel like someone else needs to see what I have written.

Stick around while I tweak and adjust things on my blog until I have it working the way I like. If you have suggestions for features my blog should have, let me know. My hope is that simply working in the new editor will help inspire me to update more often.

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