Life is Good

Occasionally, circumstances conspire to make me appreciate life just a little more. Recently, there have been a few deaths among my family and acquaintances. In the past, death has caused me to feel a range of emotions, but only recently has it made me feel fear. I suppose that I have never been so entwined with anyone as I am with Nikola and Peatuk, and the very thought that something could separate us as permanently as death is chilling. However, it makes me appreciate our lives for what they are now.

Yesterday, the weather was beautiful. Peatuk and I went to a park with our friends to play on the swings and slide. He loves the swings. He is a little freaked out by the slide, so he decided to just sit at the top and watch his friend go by. I am realizing the spring is creeping up, and I cannot wait for Peatuk to start walking, so we can spend many days in the playgrounds. Long walks, bike rides…. I see the potential for so much more mobility in our future.

As Peatuk grows, he is developing such as awesome personality. He is sweet. He loves to make people laugh. He is cautious of new things and occasionally cautious of new people. He is always curious though, and his curiosity wins out over his cautiousness. He still hates to sleep and basically goes-goes-goes until he is physically unable to continue. He is very social. He prefers people to toys, but he is getting curious about how the world works. Basically, he is awesome, and it is such a pleasure to be his mother.

The business is growing. Our designer is starting off great, learning a lot, and seems very motivated. Our junior developer also has quite a bit of motivation and talent. This month has been hard, because Nikola is working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week in order to pull in money while completing training. I also have been supporting the business with income from my writing. We hope that it will begin to pay off soon, but we know that it will be at least a year of really hard work until it is potentially stable. Still, there is so much possibility, and Nikola’s clients seem very happy.

I love our apartment. We have all of the furniture that we wanted to buy for it, and it is very comfortable. I will be sad to leave it someday, but I will also be looking forward to owning our own home and having a garden sometime in the next couple of years. Tomatoes. That is my goal- 52 jars of beautiful sunshine-tomatoes. Then, maybe, bees, but we’ll see about that.

We will be interviewing a potential babysitter sometime this weekend. Then, I will have a few hours to myself each week. I am thinking: running, cycling, and yoga. I am also thinking I might pick up the pen again and finally finish the book I have been working on. Unfortunately, the longer I live in Bulgaria, the less enthusiastic I become about my writing. I wonder if it from a lack of immersion in English or if it will return to me once I can dedicate some time to the craft. Ohhh… speaking of craft, I may actually get to finish some crochet projects. I think I would like to try my first sweater next fall, so I want to get a few smaller projects under my belt.

In other words- life is normal, and very, very good. 

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