Goodbye, 2014!


I birthed a son. I watched him grow from squirming, weird infant to awesome, curious, nearly walking toddler.

What could be better than that?

What could sour that perfection?

Now that I feel like we are in the proper place for us, I am looking forward to more of these too fast, too slow, lovely, boring years.

Oh yeah, I was still pregnant at the beginning of this year… like really, really pregnant. 
Then, out popped Peatuk-Antares 🙂 
And he was very loved! 

But, oddly, spent most of his time asleep. 

Then, he grew up and got even more interesting. And interested. And adorable. 

Paiyak Development was born. Super proud of Nikola for opening his own web development business, and someday my content writing will fall under that business, too. 

And here we are, ready for next year. 

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