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Gone is the sweet, well-behaved boy that everyone used to be shocked by… He has been replaced with a monster. A terror. The idea of sleeping makes him cry. We’re talking screaming, crocodile tears, the whole works. Last night Nikola loaded him up in the wrap and took him for an hour walk to get him to sleep.
We considered cry-it-out to get him sleeping, but I honestly can’t. If I can’t fall asleep without Nikola next to me, why do I expect my 6 month old son to? Of course, I don’t kick and claw as much as he does… But still.
We need to start getting him into a routine, which is difficult considering both of us are home employed and don’t know noon from moon. Maybe I just need to nap during his four hour morning nap instead of working and taking ‘me’ time.
Routines? Gradual parental extinction? Any ideas?
PS- He is still really sweet, after we both get naps. I mean, just check him out with his new favorite toy!

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