Utopian City

My perfect city is one without cars. I somehow got this idea in my head several years ago, and it just wont go away. I dream of smaller cities, where people know their neighbors. I think of self-sufficient neighborhoods that each contain a few small markets and coffee shops. Of course, all of the houses and apartments have luscious gardens filled with many edibles.  In my city public transportation runs regularly and is neither crowded nor expensive. It is a pleasant way to get to work and people spend the ride chatting with their neighbors rather than staring silently ahead.

This perfect city has many healthy inhabitants that walk or ride their bicycles everywhere. It has a green bike system that allows people to leave a bike anywhere and pick up a bike that is not in use. On the outskirts of the city are several car parks where people can leave their personal vehicles. In order to be allowed in the city, vehicles need to be permitted as delivery vehicles, and drivers can only use them during work hours.

It is a slower city. It is a smaller city. People there are not focused on getting to their destination quickly, but in enjoying the journey. It is filled with parks that have lovely paths to walk on. Streets are few, and rather small.

When an awesome person dies too soon due to a vehicular accident, I sigh and long for my perfect little car-free haven. I know it will never happen. People would protest if their cars were taken away. They have a “right,” to drive. They would say they “need,” their car to get to work or for their social life. In many ways they would be right. The modern world is designed around everyone having a car. Finally, they would say they are sorry for my loss, but cars don’t kill people, it is irresponsible drivers, and not everyone should be punished for that. It’s true, but I don’t care. I would prefer the slow, car-free city.

To all of those who have vehicles in their lives, I implore you:

  • Don’t drive intoxicated. 
  • Don’t drive when you are tired. 
  • Don’t drive in bad weather. 
  • Don’t text while driving. 
  • Don’t talk on the phone while driving. 
  • Don’t play with the radio, gps, or other technology while driving. 
  • Remain alert while driving. 
  • Respect the vehicle for the large machine it is, and remain aware of the immense damage that it can do in mere seconds. 
  • Try to avoid driver’s entitlement and road rage. 

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