I chose right…

It’s my husband’s first father’s day! They don’t actually celebrate father’s day in Bulgaria, but then, I have never seen a Bulgarian father as involved and in love with his son as my husband is.

There are sometimes when I wonder if perhaps Nikola isn’t a bit too young for me. Maybe we should have waited for him to experience some more, “real world, life before settling down to start a family. But then I see him with Peatuk, and I know that I am absolutely unfounded in my wonderings.

So, here are 10 reasons Nikola is the best father around:

  1. He was very involved with my pregnancy. Perhaps this makes him the best husband, but I think it also contributes to his dad-ness. He held me and cried when I got a positive pregnancy test. He refrained from drinking alcohol almost my entire pregnancy. He took me to every prenatal appointment and helped me translate all of my concerns to the midwife. He grabbed my toe and looked at me with teary eyes the first time we heard Peatuk’s heartbeat. Like Ross to Rachel, he helped me find our son when I lost him on the sonogram printout. He made me take my pre-natal vitamin every night, even though I rolled my eyes at him in protest. 
  2. He was there every minute of the birth. It is very uncommon for Bulgarian men to attend the birth of their children. Nikola checked into the hospital with me, and did not leave my bedside until Peatuk was born and we were both sure he was safe. Then, he only left because there was no where for him to sit while I slept in the delivery room. 
  3. The first time he held Peatuk he looked like a natural. I was afraid to break him, but Nikola was just happy to have him in his arms. 
  4. When Peatuk was taken away from us at the hospital to be put on fluids, Nikola was the one to constantly pester the nurses about how he was, and when we could have him back in our room. 
  5. He spent countless nights bottle feeding Peatuk my expressed milk while I recovered from birth. When Peatuk could not learn how to suckle at the breast, Nikola went online and found some techniques to teach him how. He spent hours sitting next to me, helping his son learn how to eat, until Peatuk learned a perfectly soft but efficient latch. (Mother and son are grateful for that one.) 
  6. Whenever Nikola picks up Peatuk, or plays with him, Peatuk laughs and smiles in a way that he doesn’t for anyone else. Our baby ADORES him, and I like to believe our baby has good taste in people. 
  7. He goes to check-ups with our little guy, and when Peatuk has to get injections, he is the one comforting the little guy because I can’t stand to watch. 
  8. He enjoys carrying Peatuk in the mei-tei. The two are adorable friends exploring the world together. Nikola does agood job of keeping him engaged while they go for walks. 
  9. Nikola has an abundance of patience. Whether it is rocking Peatuk to sleep, or dealing with random fussiness, Nikola always approaches our baby with kindness and excitement. 
  10. He isn’t afraid to tell his son how much he loves him. 
So, yeah, Nikola’s socks might end up on the floor, and he double checks with me almost every time he has to put Peatuk in a new outfit, but overall, he is one of the most responsible, kind, giving, loving father’s I know. There is no one else I would choose over him to have a child with, and I can’t wait to watch our son grow together. 

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