My First Mother’s Day (On The Other Side)

A couple of days ago I had a little talk with Nikola. Generally I am not a fan of holidays and I prefer presents that are given because you found the perfect thing for me, not because you feel obligated to get me something. For that reason we haven’t really exchanged much in the way of gifts. We tend to go out to sushi for special occasions instead. However, I told him that I would like to celebrate mother’s day. Even though Bulgarians do not celebrate it, I wanted to. What can I say except that I have been sucked in by commercialism, and after not having a special, secret wedding gift, or a birth gift, I wanted to actually celebrate the holiday. It was a strange desire, especially because Peatuk is still too young to celebrate with.

Well, Peatuk had his own opinion of how the day should go. He has a stuffy nose so he didn’t sleep all night, and kept me up with him. I spent the early morning hours rocking him and shushing him, and trying to let Nikola sleep (Unsuccessfully). Finally, when Nikola left for work in the morning Peatuk let me sleep, snuggled up to him, for about two hours. Then I spent the rest of the day packing to move to our new house between holding a sniffly, crying, needy baby. Nikola ended up working late on a new project, and came home around 7pm, when Peatuk finally started to calm down and give those absolutely charming smiles we love.We fed him, changed him, and then left him with grandma to go to sushi.

It was an excellent dinner. It was no different than any of our other holidays, but as it was the first time that we really went out and were just the two of us since Peatuk was born, it was infinitely more special and relaxing. I even treated myself to a full glass of wine. Of course, I couldn’t make it through the whole thing because I am such a lightweight when it comes to alcohol now. All in all, it was a perfect mother’s day. I guess all I really needed was time cuddling with my amazing son, and one on one, devoted attention from the man I made him with.

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