Baby baby baby…

My life is shit these days… literally. The most exciting thing is whether or not Peatuk has pooped yet, if his diaper is wet, or if he is hungry. His needs have become my obsession. Luckily, his cuteness makes me immune to the grossness, and it doesn’t seem as pathetic as it sounds. Laying in bed all day listening to my son coo? Yes, please.

 But then, it wouldn’t be so bad to get out and about. We officially get our apartment tomorrow, but we will be taking the next two weeks or so gathering furniture and moving in. It will be a nice distraction. I love organizing. I love arranging. Now I have the added challenge of baby proofing while organizing our life.

AND it isn’t like Nikola and I don’t get out. We made it all the way until 2am at the Wickeda concert last week. Of course, the concert didn’t start until midnight, and the opener went on for about an hour… so we only got two Wickeda songs (One was Whiskey and peanuts, so I felt satisfied) before my motherness kicked in to go home and breastfeed the babe.

Oh yes, I am one of THOSE mothers.

(And I actually had nothing to say, I just wanted a reason to publish the cute bathtime gifs that we made tonight.) 

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