30 things in my 30th year:

  1.  I got married
  2. I got pregnant 
  3.  I studied sociology for 9 months in Istanbul,
  4.  I finished my two-year commitment to the Peace
  5. I attempted a marathon in Cheverny, France
  6. I travelled to Paris, France and Nis, Serbia.
  7. I completed my courses for my bachelor’s degree.
  8. I co-wrote a cookbook.
  9. I did a bike trip along the northern section of
    the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.
  10. I
    moved back to Bulgaria.
  11. I
    had an evil landlord.
  12. I
    fell in love, hard.
  13. I
    saw my parents.
  14. I
    said farewell to a very good friend.
  15. Debated becoming a professional academic.
  16. Had
    courses given by two of the most amazing professors in my academic career. 
  17. Went through immigration processes.
  18. I
    started growing dreads again.
  19. I
    learned to swim.
  20. I
    learned to ride a bike in a metropolitan environment.
  21. I
    saw a Monet exhibition, and decided that I actually enjoy art.
  22. My
    political ideas began to mature a bit, although I am still unclear exactly
    where I stand— most of it is slightly anarchist, and slightly communist.
  23. I “saw”
    the Gezi Park protests.
  24. I
    took many things apart, and put most of them back together.
  25. I
    learned a bit of Turkish, and forgot a lot of Bulgarian.
  26. I
    rode ferry boats.
  27. I
    went skiing.
  28. I
    cut my husband’s hair.
  29. Went
    camping on the black sea coast of Turkey.
  30. I
    ate a surprisingly large amount of sushi for my locations.

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