A New Journey

So, we are finally moving out of the mistake that we made 7 months ago. I honestly cannot believe that we actually survived winter in this place. Already I have tried to tell myself that it will make a good story for the kiddos someday; I’ll be able to relate the times when their father and I snuggled up in a hole of a home in a foreign land with nothing but our love to keep us warm. But honestly it doesn’t seem worth it now that I am realizing how much I have missed.

I have often reflected at the differences between what this year was supposed to be back when I was applying to my study abroad program, and what it became after I met Nikola and actually moved here. I thought that the main difference was that I was in a relationship, and a new one at that, but now I realize how much living so far away from anyone else in our demographic, and away from the heart of the city has had an effect on me. So between our gambling-money-hungry landlord asking us to pay the utilities for his factory, and the coming spring, Nikola and I had had enough and started to look for a new apartment.

We had a few options. We weren’t sure about living with roommates, or getting a place of our own again. We didn’t know where exactly we wanted to live. All we really knew is that we wanted a place that felt safe and welcoming, where we wouldn’t be taken advantage of, and we could end our Istanbul experience on a positive note. Within 4 days we found something, and I have particularly high hopes for it. It ended up being an apartment shared with two flatmates, who seem to be rather chill, and on a similar vibe to us. They met each other through a flash mob group that the guy of the two had organized, so that scores extra points in my book. The flat is warm, welcoming, and in a completely different side of Istanbul, the older part, near to the Grand Bazaar and Sultanahmet, but not so close as to be too touristy. It is decorated with a lot of care and attention, and in a super fun way.

Soooooo… tomorrow I am going to Bulgaria to drop off a load of things, see about getting my tooth fixed, and visit friends for spring break… then, when I return it is packing up the house, and setting off on a new adventure 🙂 

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