On Movement aand Experience

Yesterday the sun was shinning and aas I walked from campus to campus I trailed my fingers on the rails and had a itching desire in my belly to allow my feet aan extra freedom of movement. I saw the world as so much more than flat. It had so many surfaces that begged to be jumped upon and enjoyed. I watched my cohort moving from class to class, a line of efficiency. One foot in front of the other, shoulders back, head up, destination and goal. I wanted to laugh, to cry, to express in some physical way, but mostly just to move. Bodies are meant to be enjoyed. Movement should be something pleasurable. But I restrained myself. I wish I could say I don’t know why, but I knnow that I caaved to the restraints of social expectation. I covered my joy, and life because I didn’t want to attract attention.
This morning I dug out my mp3 player to have some music on the bus. A world seen through music is quite different from a world seen in its native sounds. It takes on the story of a music video. I was listening to Parov Stellar, aa nice swingy beat, and the buildings came to life more vibrantly than they have for the past 4 months. I thought about intentional meditation and when you can actually start teaching a child awareness practice without frustrating their natural developmental progress by demanding too much, too soon. I felt the sunshine and although it is wet here I can’t help but compare it to Tucson in its mildness this late into the season. Then it started. A little head bob, the tapping on my fingers. Curbs became much more than a step but an excuse to elongate my legs, stretch out my toes, to pause and feel weight and gravity. To understand movement.
Oh, how I yearn to dance. None of this hiding in dark discotechs with drink in hand. I want sober, intentional, playful movement of bodies under the full exposure of the sun. I want a campout filled with love and joy and laughter and above all, expression.
Desire is fun, movement is better. Life is good.

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