Waiting On Trains

I slept through the 8.30 train. I was awake but the bed felt too good to leave and I didn’t see much of a point. To me the 10.45 is just as useful today. Of couse nothing is that simple. It is now 11.35 and I have felt the successful, exciting gratification of about ten feet of movement. The Bulgarians are rallying against this injustice. They want to know how someone could take their money without honoring their commitment. Of course by now I am fairly certain that we could all go in and get refunds and find a different mode of travel, but they don’t do it. They would much rather complain about it and be offended. Bulgarians enjoy taking offense. It is one of those strange cultural quirks that I have failed to understand completely in my two years. Is it boredom? Maybe a need to feel important? I understand that connections are being missed right now. Transportation requires a very exact timing and the possibility for a smooth day for most of these people has passed. Luckily today is already one of those lost days for me. Nothing matters and I have the freedom to float. An extra hour on the train is insignificant when the hours don’t have to be counted. Some day I will live more permanently in this peace. Learning to wait on trains is just a step.

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